Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Seventies

Gabcast! ewe #34 - The Seventies

This song 'The Seventies' was the final track of our fourth album 'Sleepytime Gal'. The album cover was made up to look like an old jazz standards record. The actual sound of the endeavour inside was not jazzy at all, in fact it was rocky and soulful with a Doors feel. I think this confused the buyer and listener. The other problem which we found out too late was that there was already a Buddy Cole, a jazz pianist from the 30's or 40's or even 50's I guess. It's possible to live that long. Anyways, not only was he named Buddy Cole but he also put out a jazz album called 'Sleepytime Gal' years ago that looked exactly like this one. So we sued. Incredibly we won and that's why you've never heard of the other Buddy Cole, just me.


lory said...

well, sir, i'm glad YOU are the ONLY buddy cole i've heard of. i'm very lucky ; ) you are fantastic! muah!

lory said...

i was actually born in the seventies. 1977. how interesting lol
p.s. please tell your good friend scott i said hello and he's my idol. thanks! take care!

PsycoticPenguin said...

Okay, Buddy. Hold your martini, because I have a brilliant idea. A stolen idea, yes, but that's besides the point.

You, my dear Buddy, should start an Ask Buddy advice column. Even if it's just on your blog. I sure as hell would love to get advice from someone as wise as you.

Oh, it's simple enough, I know. But, don't take it lightly. Think of the lives you could change. I'm sure the rest of your readers would agree.

PS. I don't know if you've seen the esurance commercials, but I think the main characters in it are fucking. Especially since they've started naming the girl (Erin). I am all for the advancement of sexuality in cartoon commercials. I don't know why I thought of you.

buddy cole said...

That's excellent advice.

Lana said...

Yeah, Buddy, there are some questions you could answer for me. For example, why is it everytime someone mentions that they have a shitty car, someone else will always say "As long as it gets you from point A to point B."?

Great song btw! It reminds me of a simpler time.

lory said...

i agree with penguin. it's a great idea! i'd love to get advice from buddy, too. diddo what penguin said lol. buddy, please tell scott i said hi. muah!

BiPolar said...

Dear fellow ewesies;

I'd like to draw your attention to an earlier posting from Buddy.

I'm not sure if Rebecca is still a sponsor but it's worth a try. At the very least you get to read some more great material from Buddy. Enjoy and good luck.

Buddy writes:

Rebecca Fleck: Grief Counsellor at Large
Friday, January 5, 2007

In order to pay for the upkeep of this blog I have been forced to take in some sponsors. The first sponsor I'd like to introduce you to is Rebecca Fleck: Grief Counsellor at Large

Hello, my name is Rebecca Fleck and I’m a grief counsellor. I’ve been a grief counsellor really since I was nine years old. I used to charge other neighbourhood kids a hug to console them if something bad happened like if a pet died or they got stuck in an old refrigerator. We lived near a reservation not that that’s significant. Anyway, I think what really got me into the compassion field was having very large breasts and being a Jew at a very young age. I used to do a lot of car crashes and I worked in an AIDS hospice for a while which was grim. Lots of show tunes and very slippery floors. I do a of work with the victims of high school shootings which is extremely rewarding

Working with the kids is a hoot. Some of the kids, they don’t want me to be there. They say go away,you smell like piss. I say that’s death. But they’re too young to know the difference. But I don’t give up. I give them my card. I say call me. I give them my e-mail address. I say let’s meet in a chat room on AOL. They say, Go home you freak or we’ll call the FBI. , I tell them they’re in denial. They deny it. Four out of five kids today are time bombs. That’s no exaggeration. Statistics don’t lie.

Even though the victims of school violence need our counselling, the shooters themselves need our love too. I like to grief counsel them especially because it’s such a challenge. So often they’re such hard cases just because they’ve killed. They’ve been through a lot too. After all,they saw it all. I was the only person who could make Kip Kinkel cry. I know I could have reached Eric and Dylan. Those poor babies. I was at Columbine. I counselled the boy in the window. I have to be honest, a bit of a cry baby. All the kids were marvelous though. Columbine was the big one. We’ll never see it’s like again. I’ll never forget those kids. I made a lot of friends. Some of them still write me. Terrible letters,really. “ Filled with so much pain. So much rage. Some of them even threatening to kill me or even to eat me. They say “Don’t call anymore.” or “I’ll bet you taste like shit you old hag.” One young killer from Canada no less, said to quote, “ Get a Life.” I have a life,” I wrote back. “Have you cried yet?” He never replied. One day it will just erupt in him years from now maybe at work at a dead end job and everything’s fine and the next minute there’ll be lots of dead people around him.

So if you or anyone you love has been through a trauma recently, from a haircut gone wrong to finding a dead body in your bed, let Buddy know and we can talk. My ears and breasts are always available. Remember, studies show that talking to someone makes you feel better and doing it with your face buried in a pair of giant breasts is even better. You might think that that’s what friends and family are for but tests show you need a stranger for real catharthis. I can be reached at...


Ask for Rebecca.

It's Buddy again. I hope that this blatant intrusion of commerciality into ewe isn't too offputting but sadly the times demand it. By the way, have you thought about purchasing the first installment of my autobiography "Buddy Babylon." It may not have sold like hot cakes in it's initial release but at least it's never been in a remainder bin. You could say the same thing about me.

Posted by buddy cole at 12:43 AM

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lory said...

good song, btw. that was YOU? awsome voice ; ) too bad i wasn't in the 70s long lol. only the last 2 years of it lol. maybe that's a good thing...

Nictate said...

Dear Buddy-
Is there any spot on the great big Web where I could find out when your close friend Scott will be performing his "Scottastrophe" show in L.A.? I won't be able to make it to the June 5 event, sadly.

I've recently been watching the "Not Just the Best of The Larry Sanders Show" DVDs and have to say that Scott's interviews (and performances in the episodes) are sheer genius.
Stay jazzy,

Nictate said...

Dear Buddy-
I was able to attend Scott's one-man show last night after all. It was brilliant! So funny, touching, enlightening and inspiring. I loved it and feel honored to have seen it. What a talented, charming, intelligent man Scott is. Those who get to experience future stagings of Scottastrophe are very lucky people.
Stay jazzy,