Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On the Dance Floor

After all that soul baring, I think we need to dance. This little number was written and performed by my dear friend Tedwig Dunn. Wig for short. That's him in the picture. He's not actually a drag queen. He's actually the straightest man you could find but one night we both got all dolled up for some charity and paraded about the city handing out buttons. Of course we got rolled but we collected eghty dollars for the United Way.

Gabcast! ewe #13 - On the Dance Floor


BiPolar said...

"Everybody say YAY!"

I felt a bit shy at first, but then I just got up and danced the whole tune with you and wig. Thanks for the Cardio!

Lana said...

This song is so hard that after it ended I was still rocking out to it!!!

lory said...

YAY!!! ; )