Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dave Foley Drops By

Dave Foley just dropped by. Turns out he's got a new home on the web too. It's at a place called SuperDeluxe. He loves it. There's no poker allowed. It was great to catch up and gossip. He told me a horrifying story about a very famous movie star he knows who has a thing for horses which explains all the westerns he did. He left us a delightful link showcasing his love of hard science. Indeed.


Lana said...


(Lana stands up and gives Dave Foley a big round of applause!)

He still has that adorable babyface! It's great to see Paul Greenberg again too!

The film was hilarious. I love when Paul Greenberg asks Dave Foley if he's sitting down and Foley responds "No. No, I'm not."
LOL!!! I also like the drinking pee bit!

BiPolar said...

How nice to have Dave drop by to share some hilarity. It's swell to see him and Paul, the mad scientist.

You never know who's out there lurking, watching, experimenting... (other than Francesca, of course).

It brings joy to my heart to know that "playing the ponies" has a whole new meaning. The shetlands are very sturdy.

Anonymous said...

No poker. How refreshing that must be for him.
I used to have a Bingo addiction before getting help at the Nancy Sinatra rehab center. It saved my life.

Anonymous said...

How many "anonymous" are we????? Anyways....Mr.Foley does look very "professorialy/scientisty/accountanty" nowadays!Very sexy in an odd/pervy type way.... Sooooo odd I finally put a FACE to the name! After seeing Kids In Hall re runs in Peru everyday (yes, people enjoy pisco sours or chicha while watching them in some countries) for ages, and still, I never remembered which one was Mr.Foley....thank you for reminding me Mr.Cole!

lory said...

awww, yes, good ole david scott foley. he was my favorite kid in the hall (and favorite actor) for the longest time, then one day, something hit me like a rock on a kids in the hall episode, and for some reason, scott thompson caught my blue eyes. scott is just too damn HOT! sorry dave, you got "debunked" lol. but hey, i still think all the kids in the hall are quite gorgeous ; )

lory said...

my bad. i meant dave got "demoted" on my list. hey, i'm still young lol. but i'm VERY glad dave dropped by and shared that video of him. it's always great to see dave foley!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help me to contact Dave Foley or Scott Thompson (or their agents)? I'm vice president of the Humanist Association of Canada and I'd like to discuss some business with one or both of them.

Derek Kaill