Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pepper Pot

I would like to direct your attention to the far left. Can you see it? The new link to the podcast. Now I would like to direct your attention directly to your left, to the lady in the peignoir who is so excited about the podcast that she's thrown herself onto a filthy bed in a sleazy motel because she's too excited to stand. Did I say Lady. She's actually one of my dearest friends and sometime guest vocalist Dalia House. Funny story. We actually lived in an actual house together during many of these very recordings. I love this picture. Dalia had just recorded some farting noises for a song and she's celebrating by rolling around on the bed. And that's exactly what you should do when you listen to the next track. It's called 'Pepperpot' for obvious reasons and it's quite possibly one of our most under rated performances. Completely improvised of course, it's a textbook example of what happens when the Delta Blues meet Blue Peter. Sal and I had a great time. Lots of give and take. Me taking. Him giving. Then me taking again. And then I would give. We were joined by our regular lineup that included the idiiosyncratic guitar genius Adolf Diller, our loveable and groovesome bassist Yum Yum and on drums, the shaggy haired poet of tympani, Tim Pani. This is the twenty third song of our second album 'A Piece of Life.' It's a celebration of sex, love and sex.

Gabcast! ewe #10 - Pepperpot

A trip into the funkidiculous featuring Sal Surroundo.



yudili1981 said...

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buddy cole said...

I've been scammed again. I knew that k_batti was just the beginning. So good image and some good art. It's like I'm talking to a Japanese t-shirt.

BiPolar Bear said...

Oh, Buddy, "Pepper Pot" and the band are hot! It's surely under rated.

I immediately started flailing around on my own dirty bed. I couldn't stop.

Buddy said: "It's like I'm talking to a Japanese t-shirt".

You are!!! I'm moist.

Lana said...

I love the picture, Buddy! It looks like a photo still from one of Bob Crane's home videos.

Anonymous said...

Many a night have I fallen asleep to the calming sounds of them passing winds.....Gosh! But never had I thought of actually recording them!!! Thank you Mr.Cole!!! Your advice always comes at the appropiate moment....considering I had cabbage for dinner!!! Lord! Topic change here bitte!