Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Get Ready for Chapter Three

Just a little reminder that on Saturday, I will be gabcasting chapter three of the ongoing series, "The Missing Buddy Babylon". I can hardly bear the excitement. I can't imagine how you are all feeling. After all, I've already lived it and I survived. I have no idea how ewe will fare. So girdle your loins and set your right brain on hilarity because you'll need all the lobes you can get. What do you think of the picture? it was a photo taken by an animated friend of mine. I thought he meant effusive but apparently he meant actually animated. Perhaps this is how he sees me. I know what you're thinking. Buddy, you look a little cartoony. I'm fine with that. Believe me I've been called worse than a cartoon. Must be off. Have to meet Sal for a meeting on a possible new album. Legs crossed. Buddy.


Lana said...

To quote Bob Costas in 'BASEketball'...

"You're excited? Feel these nipples!"

I am greatly looking forward to the gabcast!

As for the picture, I have mixed feelings. It's very cute but doesn't represent you accurately. Buddy Cole never looked quite THAT gay.

BiPolar said...

Buddy, I don't feel you look the slightest bit cartoony! Labels!

I find the Artist's drawing is an accurate portrait. It's always hard to see yourself as others see you,Buddy.

Thanks for continuing to do your part to keep Kyoto alive in our minds and away from our ozone.

I've always felt you'd be the enviromentally friendly type, if given the chance.

Crossing your legs (and I do mean YOUR legs) has always dramatically reduced the steady flow of carbon emissions.

My loins are tightly secured and my RSS's feeder is set to receive your next Gabcast. I can bearly wait.

I've arranged for a pair of virgin albino twin cubs,named Dan and Dean, to come over to listen to the blessed event with me.

Their Momma Bear thinks I'm bearsitting - hehe. I have other things on my mind. I'm horny. I used to be called honey until I discovered the sling at the Black Eagle bar.

That "virgin" thing will be a thing of the past for the twins by the time I send them back to sit on the one iceberg left in the north.

as you say; "Keep both hole happy"! Always.

buddy cole said...

Yoi're both right. I can't affortd to have infighting now when wer're so few.

buddy cole said...

I apologize for the extra t in the previos comment. It fell out of my marini.

buddy cole said...

I apologize for the missing u in previous in my previous comment.

Lana said...

You don't need that ugly T in your marini anyway. It reminds people of Christ's tribulations on the cross. And as for U well..I always thought that U had an attitude so it can go fuck itself.

MrRatman said...

Is the guy in that picture related to Billy Idol?