Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Horse Loses a Shoe

Mount Rainier Train
Originally uploaded by moliere1331.

I had a little accident on the trail and one of the horses, well mine actually, slipped on a rock while crossing a shallow river and wrenched her ankle so we've been forced to abandon the horses and hop a train. I blame myself. The guide, said she wasn't ready for high heeled horse shoes but I insisted. I just thought that she'd look a lot better with a lengthened calf. The truth is she did but the problem was, since I only had two horse heels, I could only put them on her back legs and the result was that I was pitched so far forward that my ass was actually higher than my head. I’m convinced that this is why my guide actually rode behind me so actually it was his fault.

After the incident the guide wanted to shoot him on the spot but I intervened and suggested that she be given to a local village as a gift so that's what we did. As we walked away from the village, I heard a shot and wanted to go back but my guide stopped me and said, "Buddy, It takes a family to raise a child but it takes a village to eat a horse. So true.

Despite this minor setback I vow that I will still make tonights first video blogcast as promised or my name isn't Charles "Butterick" Cole.


BiPolar said...

LOL! Well, Lone Ranger, you seem to have adjusted more than the girth belt! Lovely story.

I'm sure the village people will always remember the "high, ho silver" that fed them.

Lana said...

I am sorry to hear about your horse but I am glad to hear that your guide took full advantage of your ass being higher than your head.