Monday, January 15, 2007

Grabbyhandy Cops a Royal Feel

Liz is still here if you can believe it. She's been here since New Year's Eve. It's one thing to have a queen overstay his welcome but it's another when it's a Queen. You'd think someone would notice that she's gone like maybe England but the truth is, no one's called, not even the exschequer. She's putting up a brave front but I can see it's affecting her. To cheer her up I'm posting a picture of her in her prime with some grabbyhandy stage manager of some sort who was backstage when Liz was getting ready to address Parliament. Looks like he thought he could cop an easy feel. The problem is, he was right. The Queen's a tart, there's no nice way to put it but I love the old gal. I just wish she'd go home.Gabcast! ewe #9 - A Queen's Lament

It's late at nght, there's no more booze, the drugs are wearing off and all you've got left is the music. Oh look, more drugs. Yaay!


Lana said...

*Lana googles "exschequer".

"The Exchequer was (and in some cases still is) a part of the governments of England (latterly to include Wales, Scotland and Ireland) that was responsible for the management and collection of revenues. The various Exchequers also developed a judicial role."

Your blogs aren't just funny, they are also educational!

P.S. I hope you brought enough drugs for everybody!

BiPolar said...
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BiPolar said...

Dearest Buddy,

You've most certainly outdone yourself with this latest piece of hilarity.

And a quick feel from behind to boot! He's gorgeous.

I was transported to a deeper world by your gabcast performance.

My cheeks are hurting. I'm Hysterical inside! Thanx

Anonymous said...

Helen Mirren based her movie looks on THIS pic! Must be hard being groped and balancing such tiara on ones head at the same time.....Royal strong neck muscles probably.....

buddy cole said...

LIz has the neck of a water buffalo. However she asks that you don't mention that Mirren woman. After all she is eighty and this humanizing business is so hard on the body. We all have to support Liz through this difficult awards season.

Anonymous said...

Buddy, This is Alister. I can't get my bloody Google/Blogger to work.
I spoke to Liz on the phone just two days ago. She spoke to me about her plans to move with you to Los Angeles. I told her that you were thinking of living in Joan Collins garden shed or under her bush and that there might not be room for her. Liz assured me that she would make due and that Joan's bush has housed more than one queen at a time.
It'll be great to see Liz back in action. We used to dance at the Abbey years ago. She'd get really drunk after a while. I loved to photograph her passed out on the dance floor. The leather queens took turns posing with her in a suggestive way. Liz was always grateful that I'm not the kind of photographer who would sell the images to Hello Magazine or Glory Hole Boys. We like to keep them for ourselves and have a good laugh. Has she shown them to you?
I think your in some of them as well.

buddy cole said...

She has but I've blocked the memory out of my head.

lory said...

beautiful song! ; )