Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lady Photographer

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Gabcast! ewe #0 - Lady Photographer

This was an experimental piece created entirely in the studio by the legendary producer behind the band, Sal Surroundo, a refugee from Malta who landed in Toronto in the eighties out of nowhere and helped launch the 'Summer of Like' with his 'Coming In' party on the rooftop of Vaseline Tower. This Yoko Onoesque classic is a reflection of the times, a period when we 'flowers' were wilting on the vine and sometimes the vine got a little woody. Marco says to leave it there. He says I'm treading into 'hot' water, treacherous female waters where no man can survive not even me. Marco also says that's him in the song and that I'm hardly even in it. That may be true but what he forgets is that I brought the drugs.


Lana said...

"'Coming In' party"

LOL! That's priceless!

guysterrules said...

The sistas are doing it for themselves!

buddy cole said...

Welcome guysterrules. We were wondering when you'd show up. Guysterrules. Lana. Lana. Guysterrules. And now we are seven. Buddy

Anonymous said...

Refugee from Malta???? But it's such a pretty island!!! With a throbbing gay bar by the docks and all!!!!! The horrid heat and humidity maybe are issues....but the constant sweating actually can save one millions of dollars by not having to use any type of lubes!! There's always a plus side to all!!!!!