Sunday, December 24, 2006

cold light of day

Good morning world. Buddy Cole here. I thought I would leave you with something refreshing to help you through your day as you rush about buying last minute christmas gifts. I have none of those worries as I got all my christmas shopping done in one fell swoop with the publication of this blog. People have been clamoring for this for so long that I finally relented and gave people what they wanted. Moi. This is my gift to ewe. A little explanation of my unique spelling of you. You see, I would spell it like a normal human being but the good people at YOU TUBE have copyrighted the letters Y, O and U. Luckily I own the copyright on the letters E and W so I cobbled them together to spell EWE. How did I come to own these letters? Well, pull up a stool and let me tell you. My mother left me them in her will. It's proven to be quite a legacy. Anytime anyone uses them I make a penny. It doesn't sound like much but remember E is a vowel and there are only five of them and sometimes six. And everyone loves W. Why? Because all questions start with a W and people are such a curious lot. This is the reason I don't have to work and can travel the world spreading good will. So that's the story. Now you know why my home is called EWE. This is the reason my posts tend to ramble. The more I write, the more money I make. Well I'm off to visit the old folks home with a pitcher of martini's. Bi for now. Buddy.

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lory said...

o, i c! lmfao! now i know ; )