Sunday, December 24, 2006

jaw cancer

Here's a poem I wrote. It's about a friend of mine who defeated jaw cancer by meditating on the image of the mascot from the 'Just For Laughs' comedy festival which I've included in case you too have jaw cancer. The concept is a lot like the blue dot which has helped so many people the world over win the lottery or get their car out of hock. Here's the poem. It's an inspirational little jingle called 'Jaw Cancer'.

Jaw Cancer
Why did you attack my jaw
There are so many other jaws in the world preaching hatred and intolerance and other bad stuff and you attack me
Have you no mercy Jaw Cancer
Yes,I admit I might have loved my jaw too much
But is that any other reason to take my beloved jaw
Don’t you know that I use my jaw for my living
I’m a talker and I talk with my jaw
When I first saw the lesion on my jaw I at first thought that a mosquito had bitten my soft cheek which is the sweetest part of a fish so why not a human being but it was not a mosquito bite,
It was Jaw Cancer
LIttle did I know that jaw cancer was creeping up my jaw
I love to hold my jaw at this position and it gives me great pleasure to know that that the line is as straight and as strong as a Hollywood Matinee idol and when I hold my face at this angle there is not a hint of a double jaw or a wattle anywhere in the jaw the neck the throat or anywhere else in the environs of my face
Because I’m reciting this poem right now obviously I’ve defeated jaw cancer otherwise I would not be able to do it
Ha Ha Jaw Cancer
I laugh in your face and that includes your Jaw
I've defeated you Mr. Cancer
With a little help from my friend the mascot from Just for Laughs
Merde mon ami
Mangez someone else's jaw

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lory said...

you're very talented, buddy ; )