Sunday, December 24, 2006

hello. anybody out there?

Good evening everyone. My name is Buddy Cole. That's short for Butterick Cole. For the long and enthralling story of how I got that name you'll have to read my biography "Buddy Babylon" published by Bantam Doubleday. I've just surfaced after a long time away doing good for the world. I'm going to post this and see if it works.


Orestonio said...

Oh my!!!!! Will the book be as enthralling as Linda Granger's 35yr long battle with booze and drugs "I'm Still Here"?????Was co-written by Jackie O.!!Or Jackie Collins????? Some Jackie anyways!!!!Can't wait to read such sexually explicit content of Buddy's!!!!!!!!!!

alister_honeychurch said...

Welcome back my old friend.
Word on the street is that your looking for a home in Hollywood. Well your in luck. I happen to know for a fact that "Joan Cillins" has a lovely Hollywood home with a big pool, a guest house and garden shed. She has a heavy rotation of pool boys and gardeners at the estate. I'm sure that you could camp out on the grounds under Joan's bush. I've heard over the years that many Celebrities have called Joan's bush their home. Margo Kidder being one of them.
So what do you think?

buddy cole said...

It sounds fabulous alister. Joan and I go way back. Her assistant and i used to hang in Griffith Park when we would be walking our employer's dogs. I called Alannah but she slammed the phone down. Of course it was here cell so she broke it. That's what you need assistant's for. Oh well. Anyways, I'll be sure to look up that hedge when I hit Hollywood. Cheers. Buddy.